Thursday, March 10, 2011


Rural Mailboxes
Acrylic on canvas
This is a painting I did while in a painting class in college.  Our assignment was to do a "mood" painting from one of our own personal images.   This is a row of raggedy old mailboxes (including mine) near my house.   I had taken the photo a year or so before I painted them, and chose these warm colors because that was the feeling I got when I took the picture on a sunny afternoon.  This painting was actually chosen for publication in the college's award winning Literary and Arts Magazine, "Imprints."  I was very flattered to be chosen.  The magazine included some really wonderful writings, photographs, digital art, as well as paintings.  If you are interested in looking through the magazine, a virtual copy of it can be accessed at  My painting appears in volume 18. 


  1. It's wonderful, and very worthy of being published. Love the bright colors!

  2. Thanks Monica! I was pretty tickled with it.