Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Edsel II

Wow - it has been over a month since I posted anything.  I actually do paint almost every day, but based on my blogging performance you may think it is only once a month. 

Last summer, my husband and I were riding around the tiny island of Cedar Key in a golf cart (it was too hot to walk),  he driving, me taking pictures.  I saw this beautiful old car and stopped to snap a few shots.   I have been told by the locals that this Edsel has been sitting in the same spot since 1999 when it's owner passed away and his family couldn't part with the car.  I'm sort of glad they didn't because I just love it.  This is the second painting I have done of the car and the original is sold, but I do have prints, and if anyone is interested please let me know.  My print shop is amazing and the colors are just as vivid as the original painting. 


  1. I love this...the colors, the perspective and the wonderful reflections on the chrome fenders.

    1. Thank you zo much Maria! i'm still learning and training myself on that elusive chrome! Such a wondefully fun challenge!

  2. Very nice, Lisa!! I agree with Maria about the perspective - that straight on, in your face. Love it and the chrome is amazing.

  3. Thank you Linda. It's funny you say that because I usually refer to most of my paintings as "in your face". I guess I took one of those initial art lessons of fill your canvas way too literally!