Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Normie's New Home

I know I posted Normie after I completed him, but I'm posting him again because I'm just so tickled about his new home.  He will now be living at the Toccoa Veterinary Hospital in Toccoa, Georgia.  The veterinarian (a beautiful young woman) purchased him and said she will place him in one of her examining rooms along with a little information about him.  Well, those of you who have followed my blog since the first painting of him just after his passing, know he was a very special kitty, and that he had quite the personality.  I cannot begin to express how honored and happy I am to have Normie make his way to his new home in North Georgia.  I do have to admit that I made a blithering idiot of myself by boo-hooing a little on seeing him go.  I was just so touched that he will now have a place of honor as his permanent home, and can be seen and enjoyed by so many other animal lovers.  

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