Wednesday, July 25, 2012


So this past weekend I was in the studio quite a bit.  I'm working on some new canvases, but occasionally I take a break and look at some of the ones that have been lying around the studio for a while and decide I've had enough of one.  I can't remember when I painted these flowers on the Naples background, but I was never happy with them.  Just blah.   I'm exploring a new style which is much less rigid and uses a lot linear strokes -  you might just call it scratchy or sloppy.  I love painting this way.  It is very liberating to place strokes on the canvas without trying to be exact.  For those of you who know me - I do not like to waste a canvas - or paint for that matter.  Yes, I've been known to try to scoop it back into a tube.  I'll be taking the new version of these flowers, along with many other new creations to Jekyll Island in September.  I will be posting many new things between now and then, I'm sure.  As always, thanks for taking a moment to look and read, and I appreciate your interest and support.

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