Sunday, January 6, 2013


Trying to catch up, and unfortunately - NOT keeping with my goal of doing only knife paintings.  Oh well - the story of my painting career.  Once I think I know something. . . . I don't.  I overworked these boats - and it shows.  I'll try again of course, after the frustration subsides some.  These pears were a complete re-do.  They hung in my booth the last two shows and I was never happy with them.  I took them down and painted over them last Sunday while at the show.  Then - yesterday I tried them with a knife and came "this close" to putting the knife right through the canvas.  Instead, I went outside to the water hose and hosed and scrubbed all the paint off.  I put them in front of the dehumidifier to dry and started over yesterday afternoon.  I guess I had calmed down by then, because I was much happier with this one.  I guess you have to know me to know about some of my meltdowns. . . . Luckily - I snap back pretty quickly. . . Hope to have numbers 5 and 6 by the end of the day.


  1. I love the pears...especially the blue reflected shadow! Striking composition.

  2. Love the pears Lisa! (And thanks for the melt down story...I have learned that "just one more stroke" can mess up a palette knife work pretty quick!! Wish Florida was on my to do list this winter....:)