Sunday, August 7, 2016

19 - Shine on

triptych - each piece 12x6", acrylic

I haven't been painting much lately.  There are lots of reasons, and I promise they are not excuses.  Life just throws curve balls at you once in a while.  I'll be "normal" soon.  I've promised myself to post daily, and somehow - even with it being the weekend - I missed two days.  Poohy.  I think weekends are worse because I get out of my weekday routine.  

I mentioned this over there on Daily Paintworks, but I'll mention it here too.  I have mostly been posting my small and smallish paintings that have been sold recently at festivals.  I take pictures of them as they are sold.  If you ever see something you really like, and it is sold, please contact me, and I'll be happy to work one up for you that is similar - or different.  Just let me know, okay?   It is kind of hard for me to keep an inventory of small paintings because they sell pretty quickly at the festivals.  They are easy to transport, make great gifts and souvenirs, and fit just about anywhere.    See you tomorrow, with something new! 

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