Sunday, October 9, 2016

52 - Cat 3

10x8 acrylic
Wow - I can't believe it's been 9 days since my last post.  How did that happen?  When I change routines, it throws everything into a spin.  The last week was thinking about the approaching hurricane, deciding if the art show was going to take place this weekend, cancelling reservations, changing plans, getting provisions, then hunkering down, as they say.  We had steady rain for over 24 hours, and strong gusts of wind.  Lots of downed limbs, and a few pieces of tin came loose on the barns, but nothing too serious.  Power was out for just under 24 hours.  We are so reliant on electric - especially in the country where you can't flush toilets without power.  My water supply was running low (for toilet flushing), and went to the local store where they had a huge supply of water.  But ice?  nope.  No ice.  The grocery store was running on generator power.  No one had power for miles and miles.  I had resigned to cleaning out the fridge and freezer by evening if power didn't resume.  Luckily it did, and everything made it but the ice cream.  Now, I'm trying to get back to normal after all that. 

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