Wednesday, October 19, 2016

55 - Way Behind

7x5 acrylic
I'm getting so far behind. . . A promise to myself and to my supportive fans that a post every day - or almost every day would be forthcoming.  I believe that was in July, and this is post 55.  I'm not an mathematician but I'm pretty sure more than 55 days have past since then.  Shoot!  Well, like most things in life, there's no going back, there's only moving forward and trying to do better, and that I shall.  I have lots of good excuses, like I'm trying to fix up my house which needs a tremendous amount of work, and in doing so manage to spill not one but two full trays of paint on the wood floor, which means stopping and cleaning up wasting lots and lots of time; then breaking an outdoor pipe and having to, of course, stop everything to run to the hardware store to get the things to fix it.  Then of course, there's more wasted time in looking for my tax return that I had printed out and not yet mailed, looking for my sweet dog, Jenny, whom I had accidentally locked in the workshop on one of my trips carrying stuff out there to store. . . . well, you see - lots of excuses, but mostly just disorganization.  I'm working hard toward more organization and will get there in time. . . time. . . so little time!  Thanks for your patience!  :) 

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