Friday, November 11, 2016

64 - Shine Bright

10x8" acrylic sold

Every human being wants to cultivate a good life, for themselves, for their families and for their children. Every person wants to feel love, feel connection, have purpose, be heard and understood. Our definitions of what that means may differ, but our basic human needs do not.
The power to create the kind of life you want, to be the kind of person you strive to be, to give to the world the unique gifts you have, sits today in the very same place it was two days ago, two months ago, two years ago. It sits with you, it always has, it always will.
No person, party, organization, church, government or other can give that power to you or take that power away from you. Some want you to believe this isn't true, they just want you to hand over your power. Never hand it over, never. Not even for something shiny.
Every day brings changes, challenges, victories, defeats, new ideas, new actions, a new version of you and a new world every morning when you wake up and take a new breath. It's a good thing. It's not always an easy thing, sometimes it feels like a dreadfully crap-awful thing, but we're adaptable creatures and the truth is that we thrive on this stuff.
Today, I stand more resolutely than ever before to be an unrelenting source of love and light in the world. To create, and give, and receive and love with all I have. I will not be stopped. Tomorrow I will stand even stronger and love even harder and shine even brighter than today, because of whatever challenges today brings. I don't know what the future holds in store for me but I'm certain of what I hold in store for the future.
I love every last one of you. You are precious, you are dear, you are worthy and you are powerful. Don't ever forget it, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise, don't ever give your power away by believing it isn't so. Now go out there, love hard, shine bright, and be so awesome that hardly anyone can stand it.  - Klee Galligan Perez  11-10-16

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