Friday, March 3, 2017

102 - Queeny

This is probably the first painting I ever did of a cow. . . one of the only paintings I've ever done of a cow for some reason, and this painting is from about 10 years ago, when I had just started really getting back into painting.  
In any event, this is Queeny.  Yes - cows do have horns - some of them anyway.  Depends on the breed.  Many people don't know that.  She lived a long good life here on the farm.  She was probably over 20 when she passed away several years ago.  I painted this picture for my dad because she was one of our special cows.  Most of them don't even have names.  He opened the gift, and looked very surprised and said "Where am I going to put THAT?"  Thanks, dad.  I didn't stop painting, but I did stop giving paintings as gifts!  ;)  T

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