Thursday, July 13, 2017

143 - My Day

6x6 acrylic
This has been such a popular little painting.  Well, I say little, but I've painted this in a large formats too.  In fact, last fall, I sold a big one in St. Augustine, and right after it sold, I was commissioned to paint another fairly large one.  I think it's the serene colors, the fact that it's water, sky, peaceful and quiet.  This little painting seems to speak to many - that's what I've been told.  

The ocean can evoke so many feelings.  When I look out over the ocean I feel a certain sense of peace, but also uncertainty, curiosity, and respect for the power and vastness of this huge body of water. 

This may be the last of this little gem and this style (but don't hold me to it).  I'm heading in a different direction (again).  Hopefully you'll stick with me while I continue this crazy journey. 

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