Tuesday, January 24, 2017

81 - Sebastian Winds

10x8 acrylic sold
Well, that was a nice long hiatus.  I hadn't even looked at my blog to see when I posted last.  It was about 5 weeks ago I see.  That's about right.  The holidays are wonderful.  I love the family, the fellowship, the decorations, the joyful spirits, the food, the tree, the anticipation. . . and then BOOM, it's all gone.  House is empty and quiet again, and my spirits sink.  There's no cure.  In time it passes; there's nothing to do but ride it out.  It's not like a cold.  I can't fight it off.  In the meantime, I did a little painting, and a lot of piddling around the house finding things to do instead of painting.  It's a block, a blanket of nothingness, but once it lifts, and some ideas start flowing, it's a great and energizing feeling that I can hardly hold in.  The lows definitely make me more appreciative of the highs, although next year I'm going to try to figure out away to avoid them.   Now, I'm finally looking forward to the year of many changes, and my upcoming shows.

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