Saturday, September 3, 2016

36 - Marge

20x16 acrylic commission 2 of 3
This is Marge.  I do have a Plymouth Rock, but her name is not Marge.  For some reason that name just keeps coming up when I think about this painting.  She is 2 of the 3 commissions for the sweet gal in Georgia.  I have like four zillion pictures of chickens - my chickens mostly.  I just sit there with them, clicking away (right - not clucking).  What did artists do before digital photography??   I don't know.  And although I really admire plein air painters, and will someday join them hopefully, it is pretty difficult to get a chicken to sit still in a cute pose for very long - usually not even long enough to snap a picture.  Anyway, this painting comes from a combination of pictures.  I got a head tilt from Barbara or Bobby McGee - can't remember who exactly; then I used the head tilt pose with a picture of Dot (my Plymouth Rock).  So there you have it.  The evolution of Marge.

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