Monday, September 5, 2016

38 - Labor Day

7x5 acrylic $50
Today is Labor Day 2016.  I don't plan on laboring a whole lot, unless you call painting laboring.  I love summer, but am looking forward to a little less humidity.  95 degree days started early this year here in Central Fla. 
I've been working on commissions that have taken my concentration.  I would say I didn't have time to do the daily paintings I had promised myself to do, but in reality, it is the fact that my mind was elsewhere at that point.  So now, with a fresh set of creative thoughts, I think as of right now, my daily paintings are going to consist of palms and various seascapes.  As another daily painter suggests, if you are going to commit to daily painting, you must think of ways to do it with an eye toward economy of size, and economy of brushstrokes.  So these little paintings are what I will concentrate on - for now, but of course there will be other paintings going on too. 

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