Saturday, September 17, 2016

44 - Yard work

5x7 acrylic on canvas
It's always gratifying to get something accomplished, but I often question why it has to be so difficult at times.  It's not like mowing is the most exciting thing to do, and I have a big ole yard.  But coming home to a raggedy yard makes me depressed, so mow I must. . . and then she won't run.  Off to the lawn mower shop, proudly displaying a picture of the model number, etc. that I took before leaving.  Well - that doesn't tell them what kind of engine it has.  Poop.   And the sweet man at the counter apologizes to me!  What?  It's not his fault I'm bumbling around, not knowing what I'm doing.   Luckily, my sweet dad was nearby and went to look and called me back.  This same sweet dad then helped me change the spark plug, change the oil, drain the fuel, and clean the filter.  Okay - in all honesty, he did all of that while I watched.  But now I know how to do it.  The mower cranked up, but then ran really bad, and I had to keep stopping to get it going again.  The whole thing was because of bad fuel, so it took a while for the carburetor to get back to doing it's normal job (whatever that is).

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